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About Viva Traffic SEO

I’m Jeromie Rosa, owner and director of Viva Traffic SEO. My agency specializes in search engine optimization for electrical businesses. Viva Traffic’s head office is located in Brooklyn, NY, however, we offer services to our clients throughout the United States. 

I started search engine optimization training in 2016 with a mission to become one of the best specialists in the field. The reason I chose this specialized niche of SEO for electricians is due to my social circle. My closest friends have businesses in the electrical sector. Once they knew I was an SEO specialist, they came to me for advice on how to increase their website rankings and traffic to their site. 

With my training and expertise in SEO, I was able to help my friends increase their company’s online presence and rank them on the first page in search engines and their businesses took off with new customers and revenue. With their success, I was hooked and decided to specialize in SEO that works exclusively with electricians.


As a member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, I’m an advocate for the growth of small to medium-size businesses throughout our nation. My vision is simple – I want to promote outstanding electrical companies throughout the U.S. by providing them with the tools they need to expand in their local market. 

I founded Viva Traffic SEO with a passion to help electrical business owners receive the exposure they deserve by implementing strategic use of SEO techniques. When applied correctly, these methods have a massive impact on business growth. I have witnessed this firsthand by partnering with my friends’ companies and experiencing their expansion due to the correct application of SEO.  

Outside of my SEO business, I enjoy experiencing new cultures and ways of life. I love to travel, visit different countries and cultures, taste interesting local cuisine, and make global friendships.

Viva Traffic SEO – Our Mission

Our Core Values and Practices:

  • Personal interaction: You communicate with me directly. We are not an impersonal corporation; I will always communicate with you directly and assist you in achieving your marketing goals. 
  • Creative solutions: We strive to provide creative personalized solutions - just for you. I am continuously discovering innovative strategies that show remarkable results in the effectiveness of SEO.
  • We are here for YOU: Our clients always come first. We put your needs above our profits.  
  • Assured delivery: Your targets become our targets. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations and provide the desired outcome for your business.
  • Superior standards: Our methods attract the precise audience your business is aiming for. Our strategy will help you to attain high-value and high-converting web traffic which converts to more clients and increased sales. 

Why Choose Viva Traffic SEO?

Why “Viva Traffic”? Viva means ‘LIVE’ and that’s exactly the type of traffic your business requires -- a continual stream of visitors to your website to get your phone jumping off the hook. The best part about it, is that organic traffic generated by expert search marketing techniques is free and on-going. After a while, you can kiss those paid ads and lead-gen services goodbye. 

I am aware of the multitude of challenges that companies face to build a thriving business. My objective is to relieve some of the burdens on them by providing effective marketing solutions so that they can focus on their clients and the running of their companies. It is massively rewarding for me to be a facilitator in the overall growth of our beautiful nation by providing the best nationwide SEO services for electricians. 

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Our Testimonials

What People Say about Viva Traffic’s
Digital Marketing Services


I recommend any small business looking for search engine marketing services to work with Jeromie. He does exactly what needs to be done to build your brand and get you more targeted traffic to your site. If you want to be well represented online, Jeromie is the guy that can do that for you.

Derek Iwasiuk Inc


Jeromie is an excellent search engine optimization expert. I would be fully confident that any project would be handled with complete professionalism. This is definitely the pro you want to hire.

Jeremiah Bennett


Jeromie is truly an innovator in online marketing. His level of understanding of search engines is above and beyond the average SEO expert. I would proudly recommend Jeromie and his marketing agency to anyone who wants to dominate their marketplace. Don’t wait, jump on the train of your future.

Vella Frakes - Owner


"The hard work that it takes for a true SEO expert to rank pages for businesses is very tedious. Jeromie has together a system for himself and his team to accomplish tasks very safely and effectively. It’s no wonder many consider him one of the top SEO experts in NYC."

Roy Cortez - Owner


"Jeromie’s SEO skills are something your business can use to get more exposure online."

Joseph Marfoglio - CEO


"I have the pleasure to recommend Jeromie. He does an awesome job at raking companies and bringing new clients to them. This represents, in many cases, a complete turnaround of the business. Jeromie is definitively a professional to work with."

Francisco Ortiz


"If you want to dominate in Google Search, then Jeromie is the guy you should look for. He is not only an expert in driving traffic and leads, but he is also adept at generating more conversions through Google. He and his team at VivaTraffic are part of NYC’s very few top-notched SEO companies. I highly recommend him!"

Zack Greenfield


"The best Search Engine Expert who can pretty much rank anything! Even if the competition seems impossible, he always gets it done"

Maximilian Plank