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Are you searching for the best “Expert SEO Services Near Me” for your Electrician Business?

Hi, I’m Jeromie Rosa, owner of Viva Traffic SEO, an agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization for electrical companies. Today, you’ve taken an important step toward the growth of your business by searching for the best marketing agency to partner with. The growth your company will experience when working with me will result in a huge increase in your company’s revenue by expanding the number of new customers who contact you when they find your website ranking on Page 1 and in the Top-3 of Google’s Map Pack.

I work exclusively with contractors who offer residential and commercial electrical installation and replacement services, and help them develop their business in their local market. My company headquarters is in Brooklyn, NY, and my goal is to provide the best online marketing services for electricians throughout the U.S.

Picture this: A young couple renovating their first home are looking for a qualified local electrician to install all new cables and wiring. They search on the Internet for “electrician near me” and your company appears in the Top-3 on Google Maps. They click on your listing, and your website provides all the information they need to be confident that you will provide the best services at a fair price. There you have it -- another new customer!

How can you profit by hiring an SEO expert? As a contractor and business owner, you know that competition for ranking on Google Page 1 is high. You’ve been researching the best ways to market your growing business and probably realized by now that by hiring an experienced internet marketing service you will get the precise results you’re looking for -- fast growth, a big chunk of the market, and an increase of revenue. 

That’s exactly what I deliver at Viva Traffic SEO. I work hard to provide the best online marketing rankings specifically for electrical services, to position your website in the top-three rankings in Google `maps for your essential keywords. I also track all phone calls generated by visitors to your website, and in this way develop an ongoing stream of new customers that will result in a measurable rise in your business income. 

A young couple renovating their first home looks at blueprint and computer to find a local electrician.

Zack Greenfield

If you want to dominate in Google Search, then Jeromie is the guy you should look for. He is not only an expert in driving traffic and leads, but he is also adept at generating more conversions through Google. He and his team at Viva Traffic are part of NYC’s very few top-notch SEO companies. I highly recommend him.

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SEO Expert for Electricians

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What Makes Viva Traffic Stand Out? -- Results!

We get your phone ringing for more jobs and more income.

I realized the need for a professional SEO expert who works solely for electrical contractors when my friends came to me for marketing advice after hearing about my web marketing training. They were looking for ways to expand their home contracting businesses to increase sales and profits. So I decided to specialize in SEO for electricians, as I could see the need for a specialized service by someone who understood the importance of marketing by watching my friends’ companies grow their customer base and hire more employees for the growing number of jobs.

I get it -- there are plenty of marketing companies out there who claim they can “do it all” for every type of business, but you cannot be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to internet marketing. SEO is the most complex aspect of online marketing, and when implemented correctly, it ensures the highest ROI. That’s why I focus on Google Maps and organic search engine optimization for the best results.  

Viva Traffic SEO will position your electrical service company on Page 1 in Google Maps. Partner with a search marketing company that can demonstrate undeniable results. More than 75% of people click on websites that are on Page One. I can get these same ranking results for your business.

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My goal is to help your electrical services company expand in your local market. Helping your business succeed and thrive in the digital age is what I’m most enthusiastic about.

Our Services

Our Digital Marketing Services for Electricians

Google Domination!

Rank higher than your competitors by strategic placement of optimized keywords on your site.

Weekly Reporting

I send you a personalized weekly account of the phone calls received from web visitors.

More Phone Calls

A top ranking in Google Page 1 is the key, because 75% of people visit websites that are on Page 1 and in the Map Pack.

Grow Your Business

My online marketing service produces results by sending more customers to your web pages.

Increase Revenue

With my software, I track your rankings and calls generated from your site. Every month you’ll see results.

Cutting-Edge SEO

As a search engine optimization expert, I have trained extensively to ensure my strategies produce the best results.

Google Map Ranking

I will increase your site’s traffic and exposure by positioning it on Page 1 in Google Maps.

My Value Pledge

I promise to provide outstanding SEO services, with transparency and accountability.


No need for a long-term contract, just month-to-month, because you’ll continue once you see the results.

Meet Jeromie Rosa
One of the Best SEO Consultants for Electricians

Why am I uniquely suited to be your “SEO guy”?

Here’s the bottom line -- with my SEO expertise, you are going to get Page 1 results and a listing in Google Maps Top-3 Pack that results in a growing number of new customers every month. 

How can I be that confident?

First, I’ve mastered the skill of creating Page 1 rankings for my clients, and have undergone extensive training with leaders in the marketing industry and search engine research. I know my way around the technical innards of a website, much like you understand the intricacies of wiring a home, and all the safety features and required industry standards.  

I have experienced firsthand what works and doesn’t work when creating a marketing strategy for electrician businesses -- by watching my close friends’ companies expand with sufficient web traffic through top rankings.

Profile picture of Jeromie Rosa, owner of Viva Traffic SEO, an agency that specializes in website optimization for electrical companies
A smiling electrician with electrical equipment setting up for a new job

I’m aware that finding a legitimate SEO company to provide the real results you need can be difficult. That’s why my goal is to keep things personal and maintain a transparent relationship with each client. I understand that electrical work is highly specialized with specific sales and service targets, and that companies like yours need personalized services tailored to their business requirements. 

There are a lot of ways to earn money online, but none as rewarding to me as seeing a business I helped flourish.

What You Can Expect When You Partner with My SEO Service?

  • Permanent, measurable RESULTS!
  • An SEO specialist in electrical services
  • In the Top-3 Google Map Pack
  • Page 1 Website Rankings in Google
  • Work completed on time
  • Increased phone calls with tracking


  • No long-term commitment, just a month-to-month agreement
  • I pick up the phone when you call
  • Easy-to-understand weekly reports
  • Transparency in our work
  • Winning solutions for your business
  • More revenue from your website

One of my favorite things is to send you the number of phone calls you received from website clicks. With my company’s ability to track your ranking results and the calls generated from your website, you’ll see a massive increase in clients and sales -- which means, more profit!

Our Testimonials

What Our Clients are Saying about
Viva Traffic SEO


I recommend any small business looking for search engine marketing services to work with Jeromie. He does exactly what needs to be done to build your brand and get you more targeted traffic to your site. If you want to be well represented online, Jeromie is the guy that can do that for you.

Derek Iwasiuk Inc


Jeromie is an excellent search engine optimization expert. I would be fully confident that any project would be handled with complete professionalism. This is definitely the pro you want to hire.

Jeremiah Bennett


Jeromie is truly an innovator in online marketing. His level of understanding of search engines is above and beyond the average SEO expert. I would proudly recommend Jeromie and his marketing agency to anyone who wants to dominate their marketplace. Don’t wait, jump on the train of your future.

Vella Frakes - Owner

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FAQs When You Want to
Hire an SEO Expert

Consider this: Hiring a professional SEO company will free up your time to focus on your business operations. A digital marketing agency will help you improve your website so it ranks for important keyword searches and gives your site the visibility you need to get new leads.

These days, most people use search engines to find services and products. You can’t afford to ignore the reality that organic searches make up 94% of all web traffic, and that ranking on Page 1 will give you a 35% share of that traffic! If your business is not on the first page, you are losing customers to your competitors.

When evaluating an SEO professional or agency, if their business website is top-ranking and they can show you other companies they placed on Page 1, that is a good indication that you’re hiring a capable website optimization expert.

SEO is not a skill you can pick up by reading a few things on the Internet; it takes specialized, intensive training and practice. You’re not hiring someone for to clean your house, and it’s not something you can DIY. It’s like “brain” surgery, but for your site’s central communication ability with the entire worldwide web. It needs an expert to do it right, safely, and not break anything.

You need a specialized SEO consultant who understands your business and your goals, a company that can track all your data and show you the results of their work in weekly or monthly updates on how your site is bringing in new leads. You want a company that will employ multiple optimization strategies, and that has proprietary software and experience that will put you ahead of other electrical service companies in your city.

Prepare a list of questions for your first consultation:

  • Do they understand my business and my marketing goals?
  • How do they handle keyword research?
  • How will they rank my site above my competitors?
  • What types of on-page and off-page optimizations do they offer?
  • Are they able to show prior results of Page 1 rankings on Google?
  • How long until I see results of increased traffic and leads?
  • How do they track new customers to show me results?
  • How often do I receive progress updates?

Expert digital marketing work involves many variables, and there are a number of backend costs and hours involved. Be clear at the initial consultation about your monthly advertising budget, and ask which packages they offer and how the payment plan works. Consider that as you move upward in the search engines, reliance on other methods, such as paid ads or lead generating services, will greatly diminish and may even disappear. Getting the continual free traffic that expert SEO provides is the main reason to hire a professional digital marketer.

SEO Pricing

Our Search Engine Marketing Packages

You might be wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?” -- Well, that depends. Search engine optimization is an investment in generating long-term free traffic. It’s an ongoing marketing service that will yield far more of a return than you pay. Over a reasonable amount of time, you’ll realize that your actual cost is zero.

A blackboard with chalk writing shows small dollar signs going into a bright light bulb and coming out with large dollar signs to illustrate the concept of Return-On-Investment by using SEO for electrical contractors.

Viva Traffic SEO implements up-to-date effective optimization techniques to reach your target, requiring technical, creative, and analytical work. My company offers 3 different monthly packages to suit your marketing budget, which are paid on a month-to-month basis. I also recommend to all my clients that we perform a one-time review of their web design and content to ensure their site is accurately optimized for ranking and conversion. If you choose to update your website, the design-and-content service is charged separately.

So, there are no long-term contracts and you can opt-out if you’re not seeing the results we agree on. However, I’m confident you won’t opt out because my business is built on meeting my clients’ goals every time.

SEO pricing is based on a number of factors. To learn more about it, click this link to read an article about the cost of SEO services from Search Engine Journal.  

Hiring a Local SEO Specialist Makes Sense
Here are the Facts:

I specialize in search engine optimization, using the most effective and modern techniques to rank electrician websites in cities nationwide to reach local clients. Here are some important statistics to show you why local organic search results on computer and mobile devices are essential to get new leads to your business, and far outperform paid ads:

  • 46% of all Google searches are local (SEO Tribunal).
  • 76% of people who conduct a local search visit a local business within a day, and 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase (SEO Tribunal). 
  • The “Google Map Pack” (the top three local companies listed) shows up in the top spot of 93% of searches with local intent (Hubspot).
  • 82% of mobile searchers used “near me” terminology for local searches (Search Engine Land).
A screenshot of five-star reviews for Viva Traffic SEO for electricians.

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